Expand your treatment program

As the author and founder of the authentic fascial massage technique, I appreciate your interest in my offer.

I experience it as a user of the authentic fascial massage technique for years, the steady growing demand for efficient and sustainable fascial applications. The backgrounds are individual and complex. Private practices with a special fascial treatment program will sustainably profit from this demand in the future. Complete your treatment program with authentic fascial massage and help people with your skills and talent.

Non-binding request

If there are sufficient inquiries, then I organize the distribution and support.

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Prerequisites for professional use

For the professional application of the authentic fascial massage technique on patients or for commercial use requires

  • previous education in the healing professions (e.g., as a therapist) or in the wave sector (e.g., as a massage practitioner),
  • previous knowledge of fascia anatomy
  • the registration and authorization by the Provider