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Learn the authentic Fascia Massage Technique for professional Applications and Self-Treatment.

Developed by Fascia Specialists in 2011 for Masseurs, alternative Practitioners, Therapists and anyone who wants to learn.

The authentic Fascia Massage Technique combines several fascial effective principles, making it a highly effective Fascia Massage.

  • Stimulation of fascial Receptors
  • Stretching effect on the fascial tissue
  • Gel-to-Sol Active principle from Dr. Ida Rolf
  • Mental and physical relaxations
  • Activate fascial regeneration processes

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The original e-Handbook

e-Handbook Authentic Fascia Massage Technique Original
Upgrade 21.02.2021

Rethinking Massage!

  1. Thinking in terms of Fascias requires a change in thinking!
    Muscles react to heat stimulation with relaxation. Fascias does not! Fascias reacts to the stimulation of fascial Receptors, Nerve endings and stretching with the regulation of fascial tone (state of tension). The authentic Fascia Massage Technique causes these stimulations in the tissues. The result: Local tensions are released.
  2. Active principle of the authentic Fascia Massage Technique

Frequency stimulation

What distinguishes the authentic fascia massage technique from other classic massage techniques?

  • the handling respectively hand-finger technique
  • the targeted stimulation of specific fascial receptors in a certain frequency range
  • the stretching, loosening and strengthening effect on the fascial tissue
  • strengthen the immune system
  • the Sequence
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