Fascial tensions, Goodbye

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With the discovery of specific Stimulation frequencies for fascial receptors in 2011, an effective and sustainable Fascia massage could be established in practice.

Innovative discovery with lasting effect!

Learn the authentic Fascia Massage Technique directly from the Founder via Video streaming Instruction with little time investment.

Today learned, tomorrow applied!


Offer your clients a new service: The demand for efficient and sustainable fascia applications is constantly increasing. The backgrounds are complex. Private Practices with a special fascia treatment program will profit sustainably from this demand.

Attend a Workshop to learn the authentic Fascia Massage Technique.


The authentic Fascia Massage Technique combines several fascial active principles, making it a highly effective Fascia Massage.

  1. Frequency-Stimulation of fascial Receptors
  2. Stretching effect on the fascial tissue
  3. Gel-to-Sol Active principle
  4. Mental and physical relaxations
  5. the acceleration of fascial Regeneration processes

The authentic Fascia Massage Technique is composed of individual massage sequences to form a Holistic Application.

With concept to treatment success!



Rethinking Massage!

  1. Thinking in terms of Fascias requires a consistent change in thinking!
    The musculature reacts to thermal stimuli with improved blood circulation and loosening. Collagenous connective tissue (fascias) does not respond to thermal stimuli with lasting deformation or loosening! Fascias depend on regular stretching and muscular contraction stimulation for their dynamic maintenance.
  2. The musculature is supplied directly with oxygen and nutrients via the blood (cardiovascular system). The fascial tissue is not supplied with blood, instead it is flowed with liquid basic substance (blood plasma). For its good distribution and transport, muscle activity is required to create the necessary pump and suction effect in the tissue.
  3. Fascias envelop and permeates the entire body as a holistic organ. Fascial imbalances caused by matted, fascial cross-links, hardened areas bring the physical tensegrity model into imbalance (body statics) and put a strain on joint and spine health, among other things.

What distinguishes the authentic Fascia Massage Technique from other classic Massage Techniques?

  1. the handling respectively hand-finger technique (1, 2, 3, 4, or 8 fingers)
  2. the targeted stimulation of fascial receptors in specific frequency ranges with regenerative effects
  3. the stretching, loosening and strengthening effect on the fascial tissue
  4. strengthen the immune system
  5. the Sequence

Application area

Local Fascia tensions in the superficial and/or deep level.

  1. fascial cross-links
  2. twisted and sticky fascias
  3. Fibrin adhesions (Volatile adhesions in the fascial tissue)
  4. matted fascias
  5. Fascia gelose (solidification, hardening)

Legal Informations

  • Basically, the authentic Fascia Massage Technique is designed as a prevention Application. With the Massage Technique only occurring well-being disorders such as tension pain or movement restrictions are treated. Neither a disease Treatment nor a diagnosis in the medical sense takes place. A promise of healing or success is not given.
  • The authentic Fascia Massage Technique is used by each user on his self responsibility.
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