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Founder Bernd
Fascia Specialist
Fascia Specialist
  • Founder of the authentic Fascia Massage Technique / Teaching offer start 2021
  • Reiki Master (Specialized: Fascial Energetics / Fascias: Structural and conductive tissue)
  • Discovery of manual stimulation frequencies for fascial receptors
  • Educated in the Liebscher and Bracht Methodology
  • Masseur since 1985 / Initial contact 1980
  • Born 1965 / Germany
  • Happy to married with P. Yodprang (Wellness therapist, Wellness Massage Instructor, Reiki Master, Educated in the Liebscher and Bracht Methodology)

Bernd A. Yodprang

Masseur / Fascia Specialist

Life motto: I live my life

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